Tournament Details
    Event / Course: River Islands
    Entry Fee: $85.00
    Dates & Start Times: Saturday - April 6th, 2019
9:48 - Tee Times
    Points for Event: Standard Points
    Course Website: River Islands Website
    Event Payment Due By: Sunday - March 31st, 2019

 Tee Box Assignments

 Practice Rounds

River Islands

  1. All AGT tournaments are played under the Rules of Golf set by the USGA. Anyone not following the Rules of Golf will be penalized or removed from the tournament.
  2. This tournament is formatted as an individual stroke play tournament. Only gross score is counted. One group should keep scores on the live score while the other keeps the scorecard. BOTH ARE REQUIRED AND SHOULD MATCH BEFORE TURNING IN.
  3. PLAY READY GOLF!!!! Your finishing time should be no more than 4 hours and 45 minutes from your tee time, or 17 minutes later than the group in front of you.  A TWO-stroke penalty will be given to the entire group if a slow play warning goes ignored. If you cannot point out the slow player in your group, then it is probably you. If someone in your group is slowing the group down, tell them to pick up the pace.
  4. Personal appearance of all AGT competitors must be neat with respect to clothing and personal grooming. Proper golf etiquette is required at all times.
  5. The Championship Flight will play the Champion tees. The A flight will play the Players tees. B,C, and D will play the Member tees. Mrs. England will play from the Island tees.
  6. The “One Ball Rule” IS IN EFFECT.
  7. Local Rules:
  1.   Use a provisional ball anytime your ball might be lost or out of bounds. This season, we will play out of bounds as we did in 2018, penalty of stroke and distance.
  2.   Yellow penalty areas are marked by yellow stakes and yellow paint.
  3.   Red penalty areas are marked by red stakes and red paint.
  4.   Tall grass may be used as a red penalty area. This rule is in-effect to help speed up the pace of play.
  5.   If there is any question on a ruling, play an alternate ball.
  6. The GWAT of East Tennessee permits members to use distance-measuring devices as long as they measure distance only. The use of devices that gauge and measure other conditions that might affect a player’s play (wind or slope) is not permitted.
  7. The “Embedded Ball Rule” is in effect through the green.  Rule 25-2
  8. Ground Under Repair is marked with white paint. If your ball is in an area not marked as GUR but should be, discuss the area within your foursome and agree on a decision if it should be played as GUR. If your group is unable to make a decision if the ball is in Ground Under Repair, contact the Tour Director for a final decision.
  9. A, B, C, and D FLIGHTS will play to a triple bogey maximum. Once your triple bogey shot comes to rest pick your ball up, whether holed or not, and help the others in your group finish the hole or proceed to the next tee. Don’t finish the hole then write down a triple bogey. This rule is in effect to help speed up the pace of play. Championship Flight must play all holes out.
  10. Tie-breaks for flight tournament wins will be determined in an on-course playoff, if possible.  If not, the winner will be determined based on the following:
    1. Score on Last 18 holes
    2. Score on Last 9 holes
    3. Score on Last 6 holes
    4. Score on Last 3 holes
    5. Score on 18th hole
  1. Have FUN! Enjoy the day and the friendly competition that the game of golf brings.
  2. NOTE: For those players with a GHIN handicap, scores in tour events should be recorded as tournament scores.
  3. Tour Directors will have final say on all matters.

Thanks for playing the GolfWeek Amateur Golf Tour of East Tennessee!

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